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Fort Drum MS4 & Pollution Prevention Program Support

CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC (CEG) supports Fort Drum to develop and maintain a Multi-Sector General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Industrial Activity and MS4 Permit Program. We provide comprehensive permit administration that includes: Infrastructure assessment, illicit discharge and pollution prevention, MS4 and MSGP inspections, water sampling, construction site assessments and public education and outreach development.

CEG developed a comprehensive stormwater management program plan, stormwater infrastructure maintenance plan and an illicit discharge detection and elimination procedure.

CEG’s experience and meticulous approach has kept Fort Drum in compliance with all aspects of its stormwater permits. Under CEG’s guidance, Fort Drum has found and eliminated violations under these permits and because of this, no stormwater violations have been issued to Fort Drum. CEG has also identified stormwater infrastructure in need of minor repairs, eliminating long term impacts to the infrastructure system and preventing long term costs associated with total replacement of these infrastructures.


Fort Drum MS4 & Pollution Prevention Program Support

Moody Air Force Base Industrial Stormwater Compliance

CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC (CEG) is the Project Manager for Moody Air Force Base to develop and maintain policies and procedures regarding sampling for the General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Industrial Activity. We provided comprehensive permit administration that includes: Infrastructure assessment, benchmark stormwater sampling and laboratory analysis for Oil & Grease, wet weather stormwater sampling and comprehensive site evaluations.

CEG’s experience and meticulous approach has kept Moody AFB in compliance with its industrial stormwater permit. Under CEG’s guidance, Moody AFB has found and eliminated violations under these permits and because of this, no stormwater violations have been issued to the base. CEG has also identified stormwater infrastructure in need of minor repairs, eliminating long term environmental impacts, and preventing long term costs associated with total replacement of these infrastructures.

Moody Air Force Base Industrial Stormwater Compliance

Eastern State Penitentiary 3D Modeling

CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC (CEG) was tasked with creating a 3D Model to be used in the design a green stormwater infrastructure retrofit project for this 11+ acre historical penitentiary. Site design requires topographical features be surveyed with accuracy and precision. This site was more complex than usual due to the variety of surfaces constructed through history, and the unmapped network of underground infrastructure beneath the site.

Survey control was established with a robotic instrument and supplemented with conventional survey. CEG’s drone (sUAS) pilot flew NADIR and two oblique flights. Ground based capture was also completed using a handheld camera with a 10mm lens.

Using 3D Modeling, all data sets were combined to create one overall 3D model. With this model, CEG could extract information to create a “Site Characterization Plan” for the client.

The client now has a long-term view of the property that is being used to design stormwater management and the construction of a new visitor’s center to accommodate tourists. The model provides detailed accuracy of the site from both an aerial and surface level perspective. As the historical site undergoes renovation updates can easily be made to the model without the entire survey having to recreate the survey from scratch.

Eastern State Penitentiary 3D Modeling

Towson University Asset Condition Evaluation

CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC (CEG) has supported Towson University by conducting multiple studies on Asset Management, Public Education and Outreach and Stormwater Permitting. Asset Management.

CEG conducted a stormwater infrastructure field verification of existing structures to provide the basis for the integration of a new GIS based stormwater mapping system. Each structure was documented, and GIS data and photographs provided. Evaluated the condition of each stormwater structure and developed a schedule for short-term and long-term maintenance and repairs. This effort provided a framework for the University’s stormwater asset management program, increasing efficiency by enhancing planning efforts and reducing costs.

CEG performed field verification of stormwater assets on the TU campus in the fall of 2016. A stormwater infrastructure map was created that listed all the University’s storm pipes, structures, outfalls, and BMPS. One outcome of that work revealed that certain stormwater conveyance structures (pipes and culverts) are in imminent need of repair.

CEG performed a desktop evaluation of the stormwater assets and assigned a conditional ranking to each structure based upon its need for repair and/or replacement. CEG prioritized assets in need of immediate action (0 to 6 months), those needing certain action (one to two years), and those where maintenance or future repairs should be budgeted (2 to 5 years). A written report of findings included cost estimates for the recommended repairs/replacement, and the priority assessment of the repair/replacement work.

Towson University Asset Condition Evaluation

Soil Evaluation for Green Infrastructure in New Orleans

New Orleans is located in a low-lying area just above, at, or below sea level.  There is an extensive pump system that pumps stormwater collected from canals during storm events and seepage from the surrounding surface water bodies recharging the groundwater table to Lake Pontchartrain; inevitably this water makes its way back towards New Orleans, only to be pumped again. This constant pumping has led to subsidence.

Disconnecting and redirecting portions of stormwater flows from the canals and pumps in New Orleans would reduce the amount of water entering the pump system and may reduce the rate of subsidence in New Orleans.  Based on the soil conditions encountered and the stormwater flows that are present within each sub-watershed, there would be a variety of stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) for managing stormwater.

Managing stormwater requires a decentralized approach.  While there may be consistent site conditions within a neighborhood and one type of BMP may be appropriate, in general the site conditions determine the BMP type.  Depending on the site conditions, a stormwater BMP may provide recharge (e.g. infiltration bed), attenuation and storage (e.g. traditional detention basin), or filtration (created wetland).  Each BMP would require a specific type of operation and maintenance to ensure the long-term performance of the particular facility. 

Soil Evaluation for Green Infrastructure in New Orleans

NPDES MS4 Program Management

CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC (CEG) manages and facilitates the Stormwater Management Program for municipalities for compliance with their Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) NPDES MS4 permit.

CEG's MS4 contracts totaled approximately $410,000 in 2017. This included 13 municipalities, 2 universities, and 1 military base across 3 states (PA, MD, and NY).

Examples of specific results include:

  • In Westtown Township, we reviewed the existing mapping, identified proposed BMPs which would meet the requirements of the TMDL, and provided cost estimates for the construction of each BMP.
  • In West Norriton Township, we developed a comprehensive Township-wide GIS inventory of stormwater infrastructure and maintains this database in-house.
  • In East Brandywine Township, Best Management Practices (BMPs) were proposed and calculated to maximize pollutant load reductions and minimize cost to the Township.

In addition to the services provided in 2017, CEG will also be providing design and feasibility studies for the implementation of the TMDL and Pollutant Reduction Plans that were created in 2017 for our PA clients, once approved by the Department of Environmental Protection(PA DEP).

NPDES MS4 Program Management

Philadelphia Water Department Construction Inspections

CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC (CEG) serves as a sub-consultant for an ongoing contract to the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) for construction inspections of private stormwater systems in the South and Northwest sections of Philadelphia. Two (2) construction inspectors are provided at the PWD Philadelphia office in support of a prime contract with Rodriguez Consulting. These inspectors report directly to PWD managers. Responsibilities include: coordination of meetings with developers and contractors, site inspections, documentation of observations, and the updating of a project tracking database.

Philadelphia Water Department Construction Inspections

Ryerson Station State Park Surveying & 3D Modeling

After some damage to the dam, the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) has decided to restore the floodplains of this state park and create new buildings and pedestrian paths. There will be roads and stream restoration.

CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC (CEG) is in the process of capturing and surveying approximately 200 acres that surround existing stream channels and associated valley bottoms within the 1,164-acre park property. Preparation of a topographic base plan with 1’ contour intervals for the site is required.

CEG will perform a Control & Check Points Survey throughout the site. The Control Points will establish elevation references and be used for compiling a model from data collected from the aerial flight and the supplemental survey of the valleys and main creek. The site will be tied to the State Plane Coordinate System and NAVD 88. The Check Points will be for validating the final survey data. CEG will collect topographic data via 2 Methods: LiDAR+UltraCAM Survey and Conventional Survey.

The end deliverable is a 2D Topographic Base Plan presenting the site with 1’ contour intervals delivered in PDF Format. A 3D Model will be produced which will be provided in a 3MX Format.

Ryerson Station State Park Surveying & 3D Modeling

Municipal Engineering Services

CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC (CEG) handles the coordination of municipal government infrastructure programs for West Vincent Township. The Appointed Municipal Engineer is Bryan Kulakowsky.

CEG works with the Township Administration to review and approve projects for compliance with regulations. Performs review of subdivision, land development, and stormwater management permit applications relative to Township ordinances, applicable regulations, and generally accepted engineering practices. Prepares reports, planning documents and applications for submission to State and Federal agencies.

CEG also provides zoning and codes enforcement. Our building code officials perform residential and commercial inspections and plan reviews in conformance with the requirements of the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (PAUCC). Our extensive team’s certifications cover all residential and commercial needs for Caln Township.

Recent Capital projects include:

  • Township Road Program
  • Fellowship Trail
  • French Creek Arch Replacement
  • Hollow Road Bridge Repair
Municipal Engineering Services

Municipal Road Programs

CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC (CEG) works directly with municipalities to plan and manage Township Road Programs. Each Township owned road is inspected by an experienced Engineer and

Construction Manager, and inventoried for the following characteristics:

  • Road name, length, and surface (gravel or paved)
  • Cartway width
  • Observations of severe or unusual erosion relating to drainage along or under the roadway.
  • A subjective condition score, based upon visual appearance of surface and smoothness of ride. Scores ranged from 1 to 10, with 10 being a road in near perfect condition.
  • Approximate locations where road surface or condition changed.

The information documented is captured in a GIS database that assists the Engineer to geographically determine the best and most efficient plan of action for the Capital program. The Road Programs include preparation of bid documents, administration of the bid process, and contract management and inspection services for roadway and paving improvements along various road segments within the Township.

The scope of work includes preparing bid and contract documents for milling and overlaying existing road surfaces, correcting grading and drainage problems, and installing new concrete curbing and ADA compliant ramps. CEG professionals develop contract documents and specifications for bidding the project, solicitation of bids, contract management, and construction inspection services once the project has been awarded.

Municipal Road Programs

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