Biomedical Engineers Are the Reason for the Medical Device Revolution

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Durable medical equipment is demanded by the medical industry. With today’s technologies, the field is expanding into something outstanding. The first true medical device created was a stethoscope in 1816. Two hundred years later, every medical procedure has become more safe, hygienic, and successful. Improved medical equipment is being produced more than ever, all thanks to biomedical engineers.

Biomedical engineers utilize the design process to create cutting-edge innovations involving medical practices. Equipment can range from simple tools to surgical technologies. The work of biomedical engineers can be found anywhere from a household to a hospital. Biomedical engineers tackle real-world medical problems every single day. Without their hard work and dedication, the medical industry would not be as efficient and capable as it is today.

So what exactly do biomedical engineers design? The answer is everything and anything. From simple to complex, biomedical engineers work tirelessly on every single project. The following are some examples of everyday medical equipment that have been in the hands of biomedical engineers:

  • Crutches and wheelchairs
  • Prosthetics
  • Hearing aids
  • Hip replacements
  • X-rays

Biomedical engineering branches off from the category of general engineering. Moreover, other studies branch off from biomedical engineering to more specific, need-based industries. Some examples of these specified practices based on biomedical engineering include:

  • Bioinstrumentation: engineering instruments to be used in medical situations
  • Biomechanics: studying mechanical topics to better biological issues in the medical field
  • Clinical Engineering: optimizing clinical needs of medical patients
  • Rehabilitation Engineering: creating devices to assist patient rehabilitation from injury

These expanding categories only show the growth of the field within the workforce. Specifying job descriptions creates more potential for success and expansion.

The exact direction of the biomedical engineering field is unknown. The opportunity for discovery in the medical field is limitless. With time, medical devices will only improve due to a high demand for safety and efficiency in hospitals and home care.

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By: J. Auerbach

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