Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Changes How We See Data

Cedarville Geographical Information System

GIS is a computer system that stores and analyzes geographical information on a software application. Geography is the primary focus of the GIS application as it shows two types of data, spatial and attribute. Spatial data shows the physical location of any building, facility, or park in a designated area. Attribute data comprises of specific details about an area that is selected with spatial data. These building details include, but are not limited to: the name, size, purpose, and interior design.

For example:
The spatial data of the CEDARVILLE office is 40° 13' 43.8096'' N 75° 39' 20.2212'' W.
The attribute data of the CEDARVILLE office shows that there is a conference room with comfy chairs, two bathrooms, and 16 desks for each of our employees.

GIS technology includes many features that make it unique from other engineering applications. The following are some features that can be used in GIS.

  • Mapping Data – Shows the geographical features of a location using a satellite image
  • Proximity Analysis – Finds the optimal location for a business with the help of social and economic demographics
  • Buffering – Creates a zone around a designated area to analyze surrounding business competition

With its unique features and easy management, GIS is being used in the engineering industry across the world to complete projects efficiently. Some examples of projects completed by our CEDARVILLE team with the help of GIS include:

  • City of Coatesville Downtown Revitalization District Parking Study
  • East Brandywine Township NPDES MS4 Program Management
  • Culbertson Run Green Infrastructure
  • Spring Township Pollutant Reduction Plan
  • Towson University Meets MS4 Goals and Objectives
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Sale Support

At CEDARVILLE, we use GIS to organize and plan our projects effectively. Our GIS experts would love to work with you on your projects. Call us to find out more at 610-705-4500 or email

By: J Auerbach
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