U.S. Army Fort Drum Excels at Environmental Performance Assessment and Assistance System Requirements with CEG Support


CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC (CEG) currently holds a Stormwater Program Support Services contract with the U.S. Army Fort Drum in New York. We are lucky to have an experienced environmental scientist on site every day to manage the needs of the base.

Fort Drum recently had an Environmental Performance Assessment System (EPAAS) audit. For this audit, which occurs at Fort Drum every four (4) years, the Army sends out a team of environmental compliance experts to look through every environmental program area on Fort Drum. They check to make sure Fort Drum is in compliance with federal, state, and Army stormwater regulations.

The stormwater program did exceptionally well. After an entire week of digging through stormwater files, going to public works yards, construction sites, outfalls, motor pools, etc., they could only find two very minor corrections for Fort Drum. It was by far the best stormwater EPAAS inspection Fort Drum has ever received.

CEG is proud to work with the U.S. Army Fort Drum to ensure the health and safety of their community.

Read more about the U.S. Army’s Environmental Performance Assessment and Assistance System (EPAAS) here: http://www.aec.army.mil/index.php?cID=331

“The EPAAS program assesses both the Environmental Management System (EMS) and compliance aspects of a garrison’s environmental program. A team performing a site visit normally consists of six to eight USAEC and Army garrison subject-matter experts. Teams typically spend a week visiting various locations on a garrison to ensure that operations meet the requirements of laws such as the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Hazardous Waste regulations (or corresponding Final Governing Standards (FGS) and Overseas Environmental Baseline Guidance Document (OEBGD) requirements for overseas garrisons) as well as Department of Defense (DoD) and Army requirements.

USAEC takes the approach of discovering and helping to identify and mitigate environmental liabilities and risks to training and operations from regulatory non-compliance. By reducing liabilities proactively, the Army avoids potential fines and regulatory distractions, allowing garrisons to focus fully on accomplishing the Army mission. With a comprehensive picture of the environmental program, USAEC assessors are able to identify potential liabilities and opportunities for garrisons to increase efficiencies in their programs.”

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