Falls Run Stream Restoration at Reservoir Park

Falls Run Stream

CEG’s helped secure $400,000 in grant funding for the project. The project had to meet a very tight design and permitting approval deadline to get the project underway and prevent the awarded grant funds from sunsetting. CEG was able to design the project and secure PA Chapter 105 Joint Permit quickly an created a design solution requiring minimal USACE involvement and oversight. Project costs were significantly less than amount of grant funds awarded to the project which allowed for a reprogramming of funds to expand the project scope to include additional park improvement and sanitary sewer rehabilitation work.


CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC (CEG) provided professional engineering services for a stream and riparian buffer restoration of a 225-foot segment of Falls Run and replacement of 262 linear foot of 10” vitrified clay sanitary sewer pipe.

Falls Run flows into Darby Creek and is the central feature of Reservoir Park – a 0.624-acre Borough recreation facility located southeast of the intersection of Ardmore and West Greenwood Avenues. Falls Run enters Reservoir Park through an existing 52” by 36” elliptical concrete culvert that conveys the stream under West Greenwood Avenue. It then flows approximately 225 feet to an existing 60” concrete culvert where the stream flows underground until it daylights at Marlyn Park and eventually discharges to Darby Creek.

The high volume of stormwater discharge into Reservoir Park resulted in severe streambank erosion and channelization and sediment deposit. Additional issues exhibited along the waterway included undercutting, channel incision, overbanking, and sand and gravel bars. The project was designed to restore and protect this portion of Falls Run to decrease streambank erosion and downstream sediment transport within the watershed during storm events; along with riparian buffer restoration and aquatic habitat improvements. The proposed restoration involves stream channel realignment, streambank stabilization (via turf reinforcement matting, erosion control blankets, and reno mattresses), and riparian buffer restoration (via targeted native plantings).

The replacement of aging vitrified clay sanitary sewer pipe that runs beneath the northern portion of Reservoir Park is also proposed. Minor resulting wetland disturbance will be restored with targeted native plantings and subsequent monitoring.

Restoration of Falls Run will enhance its ability to handle peak flows from rain events, improve the integrity of the stream bank, replenish and improve the riparian vegetation and ecology, address stream morphology, and improve the aquatic habitat. Restoration will consist of urban and natural channel design techniques, that could include cross vanes, single arm vanes, root-wads, and brush mattresses; hard armoring; and construction of marsh areas. Live native plantings will provide for stream bank soil stabilization, as well as, buffer restoration and hard-armoring stabilization.


  • Grant Consulting
  • Design
  • Wetlands Identification and Delineation
  • Chapter 105/Section 404 Joint Permit
  • Wetland Mitigation/Monitoring Plan
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan
  • Bid Document Preparation
  • Bid Administration
  • Construction Inspection 

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