Infrastructure Asset Management

We understand that complex decisions require planning and tools that provide accurate information.

eMuniManagement is a specialized software system that allows federal and state government agencies, municipalities, and private institutions to manage all aspects of the regulatory tasks associated with planning, maintenance, and permitting of the organization’s infrastructure.


Information comes in many forms, including, paper media, electronic data, Microsoft Office documents, database tablets, and geographic information systems. Accessing material across different mediums and in various locations can be cumbersome and inefficient process, making capital decision-making even more difficult.


eMuniManagement combines an agency’s current proprietary spatial data with various web-based data in a cloud-based computing environment. This streamlines asset management. The spatially related database is accessed through any web browser using a login and password. No special software or downloads are required to use eMuniManagement, and the database is not proprietary, making transition in the future seamless.

  • Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs
  • Build Workplace Collaboration
  • Create and Receive Real-Time Reports


  • Capital Planning
  • List and Review Zoning Violations
  • Building, Stormwater, Subdivision and Land Development Permit Logging
  • Automatically Calculate Impervious Coverage
  • Store Current & Historic Documents
  • Public Works
  • Manage and Review Stormwater Structures
  • Create Maintenance Inspection Reports
  • Schedule Inspections
  • Municipal Mapping
  • Public Access
  • Automated Reporting Process

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